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7/4/04 -

It has come to my immediate attention that the server placed was placed on (WEB1000) has become a web spam and virus based server. WEB1000 no longer offers decent service and you may want to run a virus checker on your system if you have opened before this date. Novel Cinema Online Solutions is commited to keeping fast, friendly and safe service to its web partners and was unaware that WEB1000 was in the bussiness of indescent services. If you have been infected due to WEB1000 inadvertinly please email me at and I will help you fix the problem with your system. Freindly note, the internet is no longer a happy place, keep your virus deffinitions up-to-date and scan your system frequently. At this point this website has been placed on a secure inspected Novel Cinema based website engine, the site is offline untill further notice when contact with the band manager and webmaster have been re-established the site will return online with new media and new content. Thank you for your patience in this matter

- Ryan Webber TETB Webmaster, Novel Cinema Online Solutions.



Correction, the show at St. Laddis Hall is on May 7th, but sorry to those that aren't 21+, you can't go. But please come to the show at Ten Bells, its gonna be a groovy time and it will. And also TETB will hopefully have some more merch very very soon. Thank you, come again.


The show went very well. We played two new songs, the crowd really seemed to like us, and we put out alot of energy. Brought a tear to my eye, but I sucked it up because I'm hardcore like that.